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Last commented phone numbers

    • 2
    • 206-257-7018
    • Who is called I don't know. But he is called me 2times. I have send messages but no reply me.
    • 1
    • 415-800-3082
    • Called and stated this was the IRS and I needed to call back to contact them because there is a problem with my taxes. Said do not ignore this call because the problem could get worse. This is a scam the IRS does not contact people by phone they send you snail mail to contact you. Don't call this number back.
    • 1
    • 425-704-4840
    • Scam..Person (foreign voice), says they are Microsoft..wanting information. I told them DO NOT CALL (voice & text)..they keep calling at 6am This is the 6th time. I reject the call..Reported to DO NOT CALL registry.. These people need to be stopped..
    • 3
    • 314-813-1060
    • got a spam email with this number on it.
      wants to know what credit cards I accept.
    • 1
    • 185219890078
    • Windows Tech Support scam. I block their number and then they call me from a different number.
    • 1
    • 484-577-2184
    • I was called by this number 3 times , I didn't pick up , because she was afraid , if you know who this is , please email me
      my mail -
    • 1
    • 972-954-1051
    • Spam. Refuses to give their name or purpose but demands personal information from
    • 2
    • 713-344-1377
    • Calls 3-4 times per day. Never leaves a message.
    • 3
    • +32477306003
    • When I was abroad in January I received 10 calls from this number and 4 in February. Everytime I had to pay for the roaming € 5 a day !!!! Who is this ?
    • 1
    • 476-988-9786
    • jerks sent me an e fax on my computer
    • 1
    • 450-232-7332
    • Le 13-04-2015 vers 19h30, j'ai reçu un appel du 1-450-232-7332

      Un message «enregistré» en anglais m'avisait que mon # de téléphone avait été sélectionné pour passer 1 nuit (ou 1 semaine) dans un hotel 5 étoiles et de faire le 1 si je voulais en savoir plus.

      Je n'ai pas fait le 1 et j'ai raccroché car je crois qu'il faut se méfier des offres qui, à première vue, nous apparaissent trop belles pour être vraies.
      Le lendemain matin, j'ai rappelé le même # 1-450-232-7332 et après 15 sonneries, le message du répondeur était «Thanks for calling. The party your trying to reach is unavailable. He will be advise of your call» et la ligne coupait automatiquement.

      Peut-être ai-je manqué une belle promotion ? Je ne crois pas.

    • 1
    • 714-820-4435
    • This telephone number calls and says they are enforcing association codes and if you don't abide by them you will get a $50.00 fine.
    • 2
    • 185-537-2664
    • got a call today , caller sounded like he was from India. He said he was from Windows. Hung-up.
      This is another scammer. I am sick of these scammers calling my home and cell every day. Thinking about getting read of my home and cell phones. The gov needs to send over some drones.
    • 1
    • +18767710794
    • Hi someone called and try to make me pay money
    • 1
    • 506-423-9720
    • who is it???
    • 3
    • 346-444-2766
    • I called them back they just said they were campaign headquarters I do not know which campaign they are talking about.
    • 1
    • 719-948-8498
    • STELLAR FINANCIAL COLLECTIONS AGENCY. I have received numerous calls from these fiends using several different numbers. They evidently do this to a multitude of people throughout the country. I do not owe anyone any back payments whatsoever. I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE COMPLAINING ABOUT THIS PHONY COMPANY!!! It is very interesting that none of the politicians in the State of Colorado care to do anything about this company. Not surprising, though!!!
    • 1
    • 832-476-0942
    • Caller ID says Houston, no message left on machine.
    • 3
    • 632281797
    • Harrassing phone call from a man with an asian accent. He said my computer was bleeding and needed to be fixed. I told him take me off his list and he continued to harrass me. I told him to &*^% off. He had the odacity to phone me back. to tell me he wanted to take me up on the proposal...........
    • 12
    • 604-534-3405
    • You have to see this video it clearly shows the fire started in Valley Motorsports Saga Canada. Believed to be scam for Insurance money. One of many scams they are involved with ? One of many fires started by Valley Motorsports you be the Judge!!!!MOST MACHINES AND EQUIPMENT MOVED OUT DURING THE WEEK BEFORE THIS FIRE HAPPENED.AND SHADY CASH SALES ALL MONTH PRIOR TO FIRE.STORED IN PORT KELLS WAREHOUSE AND AUCTIONED OF AT ABLE AUCTIONS.