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    • 1
    • 623-879-5100
    • Scam caller, Heather offering to reduce my interest rates to 6%. Doesn't the dumb ass know rates are allot lower in the market place.
    • 1
    • 469-532-0277
    • Received a call this morning, left no message.
    • 1
    • 844-602-1883
    • some lady called with an unknown number on caller id stating her name is Jessica and a sealed letter came across her desk whereas a claim was filed against my name and social security number. She didn't state where she was from or the law firm she works for. She's calling me because she hasn't received a cease and desist letter from plaintiff.
      She called a second time stating she would be stopping by the address on file to serve me with court papers no later than 6 pm .
      These calls need to stop
    • 3
    • 280-825-6560
    • Called us today at 1:00Pm. We did not answer, since there was no info except "out of area"
    • 9
    • 604-259-4064
    • Sinclair's Motorsports is the best off shore motorsports dealer and scooter shop in the lower main land. The negative comments where made by Valley Motorsports in Langley. I know this for a fact. They resort to low life tactics and lie on line. All the negative reviews where posted by them. Even worse in person Dan the owner of Valley Motorsports-Saga Canada rants and raves about the Sinclairs as he just can not compete in the market place I guess.Once I built up his trust he even showed me the postings he placed on line to hurt their sales. And he laughed and gloated about it bragging that Sinclair's will soon be shut down. And he will do what ever it takes to do so. I visited both shops and the Owner at Sinclair's Motorsports is a true professional,honest,respectful. Even when I tried to mention Valley Motorsports she just said they sell some items the same but where really no competition for them. I now shop at Sinclairs and recommend every one shops here. I have bought many atvs and scooters and we love them. I run a major corporation and I do not tolerate the tactics used by Dan Laybourn.I recommend that every one boycotts Valley Motorsports Saga Canada and takes the time to check out Sinclair's Motorsports a true Family run company that is resectful.Way better deals then any other off shore dealer. And friendly sales staff. 13431 71 A Ave Surrey. Call them at 604-598-0702 you will be glad you did.
    • 1
    • 516-785-9420
    • Do not answer this call ( even asked for me my name) long history used by scam artist's in USA and INDIA
    • 2
    • 239-206-2211
    • Don'tcha just love calls at weird random hours 24/7? Who the !?$&@:%# is this? (239) 206-2211
      Naples, FL
    • 4
    • 210-249-0033
    • Calling every day, 3-4 times...
      Phone terror!
    • 1
    • 908-533-9551
    • Every couple of hours I get a call from this number, but they leave no message. I do not answer calls that come in unidentifiable.
    • 10
    • +35777788789
    • That number call me.. Who are you.. And you said me I registered online trading business,can you call again and please call
    • 1
    • +37127951507
    • Pretty sure its a scam
    • 1
    • 526-452-1596
    • I answered a call from this number and they asked for Jenny-something-or-other. No one here by that name but it didn't stop them from going on to claim that my computer has been spamming their website. Wouldn't tell me what the website was, what the company was, nothing. They had a REALLY bad Indian accent and the connection was horrible. I just hung up.
    • 5
    • 714-868-0120
    • Recd 2 calls at 5am (was sleeping) this morning from 714-868-0120 - automated calls providing 5 digit code for Yahoo verification. I was not online so is very concerning.
    • 15
    • 01617414000
    • just had 3 phone calls from this number in past 15 minutes, so glad I didn't answer them another PPI Scam
    • 1
    • 561-299-3538
    • I got a call from this number and listened a recorded voice in Arabian/saudi arabia language.
    • 2
    • 269-359-7098
    • Received call 4:43 PM Feb. 6, 2015. Call was from Solice (not sure of spelling) offering Auto Repair Protection. Pressed "1" to be removed from calling list.
    • 3
    • 918-771-3028
    • Call after call. Spam!
    • 8
    • 604-534-3405
    • Warning do not support these guys.

      The owner is on sick guy.

      This is just one of many reports against this person.


      Lists under # 604-607-6659




      Valley Motorsports

      Saga Canada

      Dan Laybourn Painting

      Do not support this a hole boycott his companies and never ever shop with them.

      You will regret it.

      Spread the work these are criminals you are supporting.
    • 2
    • 604-534-3844
    • Saga Canada/Valley Motorsports/Dan laybourn painting/Robin Laybourn painting.All guilty in the acid attack on Tammy Sinclair.

      These people are the lowest of low cowards and crooks. Real pussy mother fuckers.

      Just look up 604-534-3405 under Google and you will see the true story.

      Do not support these a holes.

      They will steal rape your family and then turn it around to make it like you are the ass hole.

      These people should be hunted down and delt with!!!
    • 6
    • +37270077056
    • This is some kind of illegal number.
      Lot of money is deducted if you call.
      Please complaint to police