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    • 2242
    • Please STOP calling my phone!!!!! U call up to 15 times a day, its annoying
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    • 832-564-3199
    • good day sir I write because I need the activation code for whatsapp platform I have a Iphone 5 IMEI NUMBER 013330004833352
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    • 727-323-2168
    • It is not real number. If you call it back, it is "no longer in service". It is automated dialer.
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    • 63144320000
    • dont know her
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    • 785-371-0398
    • I got called too (Netherlands), probably a scam: don't call them back...!
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    • 975-964-2811
    • Heavily accented woman said was calling from Microsoft about my computer...hung up when I told her I didn't have one.
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    • 832-476-1739
    • Didn't recognize so I didn't answer, they left a voice mail where I could make out a call center, but nothing was said
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    • 917-522-8387
    • This is a scam from a company called Canadian Visa expert, they'll call you and offer you help with a visa application to Canada.

      They'll "Asses" your situation, and of course you will pass the requirements, then they'll ask you for your credit card details, and tell you that they will contact you in due time for a more in detail info and a second payment.

      Luckily I didn't get charged, but you can read a lot of info about this guys on so be careful with this number calling you.
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    • 619-500-3626
    • Phone did not ring. Showed up as a voice mail. Said she was afflliated with Legal Support Services and later in the call said she was from Newmark & Associates. Gave a supposed inhouse case number and said they had tried to reach my at his address and had been unable to. Nothing was left at the address or in mail about anything.
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    • 212999365
    • This number did not leave a message yesterday. Today I picked up and requested that the calls stop. The calls will cease for a short while and will begin again. This is a form of harassment from someone outside the USA.
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    • 414-294-4918
    • Milwaukee Bucks sales calls....some guy named Dylan
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    • 450-293-0113
    • weis nicht wer
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    • 925-446-3778
    • get nothing when I call it back.
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    • 223-441-5589
    • A guy from “Speedy Computer” called yesterday and went into a spiel about problems in Windows computers. This is the scam that has been making the rounds for a long time now: heavy Indian accent, wants access to your computer, hopes you'll cough up all your credit card numbers and maybe bank account numbers, Social Security Number, home address, perhaps send him a spare key to your house, etc.

      I said, “So you’re saying that my specific Windows computer has thus problem.” He said no, ALL windows computers have it. I said, “And you’re calling to help me fix my Windows computer?” He said yes. I told him that was very kind of him, but I don’t have any Windows computers. I suppose this might be when it dawned on him that I was deliberately wasting his time, because he hung up — right after saying “Then f*** off.”

      That’s the second time I’ve gotten a call like that. They’ve called my mom twice, but though she’s elderly, she certainly is not an idiot. This scam must work well enough to keep going; I guess the percentage of bites they get is work the proportion of people who hang up or waste their time.

      My understanding is that they try to access your computer. After that, I don't want to know what happens.
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    • 16314432000
    • who are u man u called me last night
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    • 01618131452
    • Sick and tired of this number calling and aborting, so it doesn't even give you the time to inform them you are not interested in what they are selling. Have put them in my list of many under IGNORE!!!!!
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    • 904-207-7132
    • Young lady by the name of Samantha called on my home phone. She was pretending to be an potential employer. I have seen as well as heard this females voice before and have seen her name in many other scam report comments. She did not fit the bill as a potential employer. She gave herself away when she did not address the name of the company to whom she was associated with. Something within m gut told me she was a phony. I have been dealing with this type of scam for almost a year now and it is not always the same person. When you do not comply with their demands, they threaten you by email telling you that you are being sued and court papers will be sent or a sheriff will come to your home or your place of employment. I was told by two attorney's that this is an across the nation scam and that I am not to talk with these people nor give out any addition information-personal or financial. They attempt to wear you down by the way of phone calls and threats. Do not give in to their demands and do not answer solicited numbers that you do not recognize. It is an scam.
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    • 783-962-1224
    • Answered the phone and said "Hello" and automated female voice then said "Goodbye" and hung up. Very disturbing.
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    • +32477306003
    • Since short i receive messages from this number 0477306003
      The message contains ; Info: sorry, but you don't have permission to send an SMS to this destination.

      However, i have never send a SMS to this number, so i don't know why i get them.