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Welcome in the service for reverse searching of phone numbers. This is the user database of phone numbers of marketing agencies, telemarketers, banks, insurance companies and other companies, that carry out unsolicited phone offers, calls or only phone numbers rings.

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If you received a strange call or unwanted SMS message, or just came across a number, you do not recognize and you wonder who called me, you are not probably the only one. You can search the phone number and see the comments of others. If the phone number has no comments yet, be the first, and please leave a comment to help others.

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Last commented phone numbers

    • 1
    • 513-936-9995
    • I don't know this number.
    • 1
    • 0413053936
    • rang before 8am on a satrurday several times. have rang back no answer. What a waste of time who ever you are leave a message.
    • 7
    • 915-533-0469
    • I missed a call from this number, however, when I called it back it is disconnected.
    • 1
    • 205-387-1803
    • keeps calling me. Don't know who it is.
    • 1
    • 971-240-4486
    • Number keeps calling and does not leave a message. White pages states the number's owner's name is hide due to privacy reasons.
    • 1
    • 855-341-8184
    • State Farm Claims Department. Someone hit our car a couple of weeks ago. They were calling to schedule a time to inspect our vehicle.
    • 2
    • 617-326-3864
    • This nr is from an alert service from US, Cisco employees can use it in case they are in trouble. Probvably you know someone who works or worked for Cisco (whatever the work country) ? The same occurred to my wife when I did the test (i work at cisco).
      Hope this helped.
    • 1
    • 619-489-0093
    • keeps calling 6 times a day
    • 1
    • 612-345-3083
    • called my shop 3 times,empty line
    • 1
    • 618-433-3457
    • This number continues to call my cell phone. I don't give my cell phone number to business, only my family and my doctor. Business can call my home phone and not waste my minutes. I am on the do not call list and have been for several years, and I just recently about 3 months ago renewed my cell. If it is really important then they should leave a message and do it only once a month. They need to be reported who ever they are.
    • 1
    • 516-267-6820
    • annoying
    • 7
    • 210-249-0540
    • Received call from this number, no message however so I didn't ring them back. Marketing call most likely, not interested.
    • 1
    • 032463005900
    • any person no know who is this she is do sms in Pakistan fon number nd say bad thing's I think she is Vvvvvvvv bad woman so please don't do call at this number
    • 1
    • 307-213-7032
    • Keeps on calling all the time,recording last 7 long minutes.Beware of this number !
    • 1
    • 623-850-1745
    • many calls, no message. has been going on for many months
    • 1
    • 625968551
    • Called my home phone twice at6:05 and 6:07 AM
    • 1
    • 713-955-5602
    • Caller ID just says " I " no voice message left. I don't know the number.
    • 5
    • 866-996-5997
    • Broken English speaking calling to offer me the number to call that will confirm my winning PCH 2.5 million dollars with choice of 2016 GMC DENALI or 2016 BMW Scammers
    • 1
    • 0172242219
    • have had same message from other numbers and from unavailable number
      message extra cheery woman's voice 'to claim your refund............'
      calls have been coming for months now
      my telephone number is registered with the telephone preference service