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If you received a strange call or unwanted SMS message, or just came across a number, you do not recognize and you wonder who called me, you are not probably the only one. You can search the phone number and see the comments of others. If the phone number has no comments yet, be the first, and please leave a comment to help others.

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Last commented phone numbers

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    • 818-224-3357
    • Cedar Financial, will call you like rain for a penny.
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    • 646-663-7916
    • 646-663-7916
    • 16
    • 01617414000
    • Got a unsolicited call from them number. I never gave them my number and never asked them to call me but they still did.
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    • 508-045-4503
    • phishing
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    • 216-430-0328
    • Calls and does not say anything, also does not leave a message. I have cancer and can not get out of bed without help. I have tremendous pain and then get to the phone and someone calls with nothing to say and does not leave a message. I am on the no call list. How can I stop these calls.
      Sincerely, Rebecca Johnson
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    • 903-751-5202
    • When I answer phone there is no one on the other end. I say hello several times but no answer. I've stayed on line for about a minute and thirty seconds ... still no response ... I hang up. I blocked this number.
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    • +79085506585
    • This number called me today. 19-6-2015. After i picked up only a bleep.
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    • 111100000
    • received two calls. first time, they left no message. 2nd time, answered call but nobody answered.
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    • 470-555-0133
    • This call similar in nature to ones from an area code in California, voice foreign sounding in nature, indicating a problem with computer. Immediately hung up and blocked number as had been done with the Ca. numbers. Suspect scam wanting remote access to computer, know of someone who fell for this and it cost them dearly. Don't fall for it.
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    • 844-745-3371
    • This number calls me everyday more then 3 times a day and when they first called and every message they leave there is a recording that sounds very official yet with no information as to who is calling or with who they represent and it says I have 24 hours to respond or they will mark me as non compliant as if they were filing something against me so the first time I tried to call back within the 24 hours on a business day and I got another machine telling me no info on who I was calling and then it hung up on me and ever since it still keeps calling saying I have 24 hours. 24 hours till WHAT? I don't really want to know but I want the calls to stop!
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    • 4065
    • Just received call from +4065. When I replied there was no answer...???
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    • 347-462-0369
    • This is a scam - don't answer the phone unless you have caller ID ! The person on the other end of this call said he was Officer Aaron Foster - police - and made a threatening call. Said if you didn't call back their would be trouble or something. Voice sounded disguised, with a slight accent.

      We are on the Do Not Call registry and still get crap like this all the time. And, some targeting "seniors" who need stuff.

      Recently heard on the news that some calls you answer can somehow link your phone to theirs and make long distance calls - on your dime. Be careful out there!
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    • 425-412-2559
    • No one speaks, just music playing. Receive serveral calls daily! Very annoying!
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    • +35777788789
    • Scam the lady called as comment above, claimed EX forex trading in currency and wanted me to complete my account by registering a credit card. I had started this account on May 30th she claimed and just needed to complete had my email name and phone number obviously already - 100% scam
    • 1
    • +6567056330
    • +65-6705 6330 & +65-6705 6335 must be an empty number as it cuts off automatically both way ie while picking up or returning the calls
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    • 202-738-4446
    • I received a call from 239-555-0112 stating that I had to call 202-738-4446 because I was going to be arrested for 'tax fraud' - interesting since I haven't filed a tax return for many years since I am on SSDI and my age exempts me from filing tax returns. Can't get through on 239-555-0112 OR 202-738-4446. Seems to be a scam
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    • 239-555-0112
    • I don't know who these people are, but I received a call stating a 'badge #' and if I didn't call a number given I would be subject to prosecution of 'tax fraud' and leaving a number of 202-738-4446. I'm on SSDI and haven't filed a tax return for 5 years because of my age. So how could I be convicted of 'TAX FRAUD'? Sounds pretty fishy to me. Can't get through anyone on 239-555-0112 OR 202-738-4446. Scam artists probably.
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    • +60166741800
    • this afternoon i received a call coming from this number +60166741800
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    • 877-474-2237
    • this number (877 474 2237) is calling my home approx 20 times a day. Why ? a message is never left
      who the heck is this ?
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    • 209-407-5221
    • Caller ID showed "URG" It was another fake google call...I hung up WITHOUT pressing any keys #9 to be removed from the list or #1 to update-- telling me I needed to update my google listing. I don't have one! wouldn't press any keys cause you might get transferred to India & pay the $$$ for the call...assholes