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Last commented phone numbers

    • 6
    • 210-249-0540
    • I have received a call and would think it's a scam and advise people not to ring this number back
    • 2
    • 917-522-8378
    • This is a number from usafis It's talk about lottery to Immigrate to Canada or USA. but if you want a chance to win, you will pay ! They try to theft of money. Bad Number
    • 14
    • 855-479-9879
    • I've been called on this number several times on 22 July 2014.... Silence then a hang up...
    • 1
    • 352-100-8002
    • I anwsered and no one was there. Must be a scam. Caller I.D. says florida call and my daughter and a niece and nephew lives in florida so i anwsered it. there was no one there and then i relized the area code was the same as mine. Has to be a scam. I am blocking the number.
    • 31
    • 631-443-2000
    • Hi, I'm from the PH. I received calls from this number several times already. They told me that they're helping me to process my application for Canadian visa which coincidently, I'm really applying for such. Please advise if this is a scam or what.
    • 1
    • 740-872-0079
    • Didn't I meet you at the Public Health Department for a birth certificate?
    • 2
    • +5749055110
    • Caller said he was from Windows and wanted me to make a note of some licence number. It sounded like the start of the scam Microsoft support calls that get people to check there computers and then install malware.
    • 1
    • 213-457-0580
    • 2134570580, The owner of this number hacking my VOIP service so many times. He is the hacker and trying to hacking any voip system.
    • 4
    • 512-541-2184
    • The guy speaks like a retarded individual.
    • 1
    • 540-443-8975
    • This number called me several times yesterday (at my business), asking to speak with the owner - who they asked for by name. After declining several times, the owner finally spoke with them to stop them from calling again. They claimed to be with Craig Cole's (or Gore, I don't remember which) office. Today, the gentleman claiming to be Craig Cole showed up to the business to pitch a business deal to the owner. He claimed he could save us 10% of our spendings if we gave him all of our tax information. He said he could only do the deal today and would not allow us to think about it over the weekend and get back to him on Monday. This has scam written all over it. I called the number back with my own cell phone so they wouldn't recognize it and they answered as "Client Services". Pretty sure they were trying to pull a fast one - NICE TRY!
    • 1
    • 480-323-1023
    • Getting phone calls on home telephone and cell phone from this number, saying there has been usage on my CHARGE CARD???? They never identify them self and it is always a recording. Makes me mad thinking something is going on with my credit cards-but won't call them back, since they do NOT identify what company they are????
    • 1
    • +8556669955
    • i just had a call from this number twice today.... i did not answer because i don't even know what it is or who it is and where is this number from? can any one know why are we receiving this kind of calls?
    • 1
    • 415-363-9709
    • Annoying. Calls showing this number showing I and number on caller ID . Hang up
    • 9
    • 408-618-5204
    • Pick up and they, it never answers. Clearly wants your answering machine to leave some d_ck message. Added to my block list.
    • 3
    • 866-475-1396
    • I have had calls from them after using a hospital in Florida. It is a 3rd party medical billing company. Got invoiced for services in early April in mid June. My Health Care provider had paid most of it so it took a while for the final bill. I called them back, invoice had the # on it. Looked like they have offices in MN and GA, but they sounded like it was a call center in India. I paid them so sooner or later they'll go away meanwhile I just send the call to voice mail ...and it disconnects.
    • 2
    • 210-249-0033
    • Ceeps calling me 3-4 times a day... And i live in Norway...
    • 4
    • 622845392
    • Persistent calls which I ignore. One time I did answer I was asked "can I speak to the person responsible for energy bills?"
    • 1
    • 678-732-0793
    • Baldwin Capital trying to sell Burial insurance for your untimely death. They keep calling they tell you to press 9 and they wont call you again, Bull-crap they keep calling.
    • 2
    • 54321
    • getting call from 5432169221232. only one word hellooooo in a very sweet voice :P thn nothing else. but willing to know who is it and for what purpose are they calling me.
    • 3
    • +8554799879
    • No one on the line when answered