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    • 3
    • 604-534-3405
    • Saga Canada/Valley Motorsports/Dan laybourn painting/Robin Laybourn painting.All guilty in the acid attack on Tammy Sinclair.

      These people are the lowest of low cowards and crooks. Real pussy mother fuckers.

      Just look up 604-534-3405 under Google and you will see the true story.

      Do not support these a holes.

      They will steal rape your family and then turn it around to make it like you are the ass hole.

      These people should be hunted down and delt with!!!

    • 1
    • 818-338-6896
    • This appears to be a number associated with debt collection or legal services related to it, based on a recorded greeting message given when it dials.
    • 1
    • 632281797
    • Non
    • 3
    • 480-818-4948
    • I live in Saudi Arabia and someone from this number gave me a missed call. Very strange
    • 1
    • 619-214-1579
    • Number calls several times a day, caller ID says "anonymous", and there is no one at the other end of the line.
    • 1
    • 940-603-6082
    • +19406036082
    • 2
    • 706-395-8599
    • Keep getting calls from this number! Have no clue who it is and they call at the most random times of the day! I got a call at 5 in the morning once! They never leave voice mails and the one time I did answer they hung up on me! I'm starting to get annoyed because I work, go to school, and need my sleep so whenever they call it's to the point I just want to scream into the phone!
    • 2
    • 913-370-9461
    • keep calling and no answer
    • 2
    • 888-490-7664
    • Was a call from gamestop to notify me of an upcoming sale event or something like that.
    • 1
    • 514-600-0339
    • This the second time I receive call from this number . I want to know who is he or she.
    • 4
    • 845-842-1177
    • Offering various gimmicks in return for a free $100.00 shopping card at a sign on price of $4.95 for monthly coupons and supposedly free monthly dogs life magazine to the in box of e-mail. When you keep saying no, they try the gimmick of don't you trust your bank to stop fraudulent charges? I reiterated at the end of the call with him the caller to agree no charges would come of his conversation, his remarks was not from this end, I reminded the young man the call initiated from him and what ever he processes makes him equally legal responsible and his company he is calling from. He did not like that! My answer was no all the way through. Best no touch my funds or else suit will follow of fraud.
    • 1
    • 281-417-0101
    • Who calls me from this number daily? Does not leave a message.
    • 1
    • +79085506585
    • Russian (Kazak) phone number 7-908-550-6585 called me at 09:36 a.m. CDT (USA). I reported it to the FTC since I am on the Do Not Call Registry. Do not answer this call.
    • 2
    • 304-292-3841
    • This company calls almost every day never leaving a number to call them back. It is only an out bound number, so I can't find out what they want. Today I managed to pick up the phone in time but no response after my greeting. Then they hung up. I wish they would leave a message or just stop bothering me. I have no idea how they got both my home number and my cell.

    • 3
    • 620-263-3537
    • This "Debt Collector" has been making harassing telephone calls to my personal home number once or twice a week. I say "harassing" because these calls are for a THIRD PARTY, not for anyone who has ever resided in my residence! Portfolio Recovery has the audacity to "change" the name of the person they are seeking, so they can "claim" it is a NEW error on their part, so they should NOT be held liable for financial damages for their continual violation of the Texas Fair Debt Collection Act!
    • 1
    • 561-290-4723
    • Received a call on November 1st at my work phone. Left a black voice message. Annoying.....
    • 2
    • 786-708-3820
    • This individuals must be a child molesters ..... they have a problem calling my daughters cell phone every other day
    • 2
    • 203-400-5383
    • Scam!
    • 1
    • 111100000
    • I answer all they kept saying was hello hello happens a lot