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    • 423-648-4908
    • This number is annoying and unknown....its someone that needs to get a life and quit causing drama and calling people anonymously just to start shit with others...
    • 3
    • +919891757520
    • There was no identification on the id. I won't answer unfamiliar numbers. I knew the call was from outside the USA and Canada.
    • 1
    • 203-582-7859
    • I've been receiving calls from this number at least twice every day for a couple of months now. Usually one mid morning and one late afternoon. The number is blocked on my phone so I only receive notifications, and this is a comfort as I know my call blocker is active. This number has just now called my mobile 10 times in about 30-40 seconds, from all the variations of the number e.g. +442035827859, 02035827859, +12035827859, +02035827859, +2035827859, and all the above with spaces. I use a Nokia which has a pre-loaded call+SMS filter, but there are other apps available for Android and Apple phones. Not sure about landlines though and the Telephone Preference Service seems to be ineffective.
    • 1
    • 216-267-6213
    • Guy w Middle east/Indian accent said he called in Dallas. It was regarding a computer on our address (???) and if I was the owner of this computer...Their central had got indication that my computer's operation system had severe issues through my very secret Identification number and I needed to go to the Computer and he should guide me through the steps. I have been having fun with this guys a few times before, just did not have time today. I asked him if there was any troubles with Windows Operation system and he aid Yes, you need to log in and see how badly infected your computer is.... go to your computer and I will tell you what to do...

      GOOD PEOPLE, don't believe a word of what this kind of callers are telling you and NEVER let anyone get access to your computer whom is initiating the call! As soon as they get access they will get access to evth you have stored and, if that is not bad enough, most likely infect it with all different kinds of Virus, "Worms", "Horses" etc....They have absolutely NO GOOD INTENTIONS trying to help you!!!
    • 10
    • 800-888-9607
    • unebrxipjtdbmmjoh, wpusswimec
    • 1
    • 01140235135922
    • Calls daily, no one speaks, no message left
    • 1
    • 855-554-0068
    • This is Nelnet educational services. They've been calling me for a week now looking for another person. Irritating.
    • 2
    • 561-025-5221
    • I've answered for this number a couple times. They know my name, and say they are from a medical compensation firm. But each time its for a different medication or illness from medication. It is very annoying since i don't have health problems and yet they still call about 4x a week. I wish they was some way report them
    • 1
    • 607-723-1168
    • scam caller, do not phone or email or give any of your details
    • 1
    • 607-363-9766
    • THIS IS A SCAM CALLER, do not contact by phone or email or give any of your real details
    • 2
    • 619-817-8565
    • Called at 8:05 am and left no message
    • 2
    • 208-261-2591
    • This phone number is being used to commit fraud and scammers are using it to get your information. it appears to be based in southern Idaho. sometimes they call and leave a auto message and sometimes they just start a recording that says you have been selected for a cash drawing and you can check the rules of the contest on there is no such site however, I was sitting right here at teh computer when they said that and I typed it in as fast as they said it. NO SITE exists, in fact the domain is up for sale. these people suck.
    • 3
    • 08000520980
    • got called several times by these guys asking me for my password at Virgin media! If they were Virgin media they would NEVER ask me for my password! Its obviously a scam. I threatened them to call the police and they hung up.
    • 1
    • +4794278123
    • Fine!
    • 2
    • 632281797
    • Called and hung up
    • 1
    • 819-801-3706
    • I recived a call from that number telling me that he bumped my car ... he would'nt answer my question , i was asking where was the car when you've hit it and he would continue talking ... at the end it koes and hang up ... he is plain stupid if you want my opinion ....
    • 1
    • 9958
    • My telephone show this number " +19958 " Is that a bad number... I am living in Denmark
    • 3
    • 604-534-3405
    • Saga Canada/Valley Motorsports/Dan laybourn painting/Robin Laybourn painting.All guilty in the acid attack on Tammy Sinclair.

      These people are the lowest of low cowards and crooks. Real pussy mother fuckers.

      Just look up 604-534-3405 under Google and you will see the true story.

      Do not support these a holes.

      They will steal rape your family and then turn it around to make it like you are the ass hole.

      These people should be hunted down and delt with!!!

    • 1
    • 818-338-6896
    • This appears to be a number associated with debt collection or legal services related to it, based on a recorded greeting message given when it dials.
    • 3
    • 480-818-4948
    • I live in Saudi Arabia and someone from this number gave me a missed call. Very strange