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Don't call me--I don't authorize you

  • Last comment: 1/7/2014
  • Number of search: 2397


Cocksuckers called my cell phone, using a local Dallas number, saying they were in Woodbridge, Virginia. I use my cell phone for business, so had to answer this one. Indian accents, very hard to understand. This is a phone bank of scammers; do not give them any info and block them if you can. Assholes are calling in violation of the Texas AND Federal DO NOT CALL LISTS.

  • Last comment: 2/28/2014
  • Number of search: 561


Regular calls on mobile around midday to late afternoon. Treated as unsolicited sales call and not answered.

  • Last comment: 11/14/2013
  • Number of search: 941


BE WARNED! I was setting up my new Samsung A3 and txt appeared from this number as a verification code. Stupidly I replied to as I thought it was something I had set up on my phone. Just checked my mobile bill and 30p was charged for my mistake..hopefully It wont cost me any more than that!

  • Last comment: 1/19/2018
  • Number of search: 2252


Got a call from this number yesterday. Recognized the country code from the called ID as UK. I'm now suspicious before even picking up the phone because I don't know anyone in the UK. The guy says "is this the owner of the number I called?" (red flag now up) and then goes on saying something about my computer at which point I disconnected.

  • Last comment: 5/27/2014
  • Number of search: 979


Who are these absolute idiots somewhere around ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA?
Totally anonymous skum and scammers, they do certainly seem to be!

So identify yourselves, you plague on the telephone communications system!


  • Last comment: 4/16/2014
  • Number of search: 339


I've answered for this number a couple times. They know my name, and say they are from a medical compensation firm. But each time its for a different medication or illness from medication. It is very annoying since i don't have health problems and yet they still call about 4x a week. I wish they was some way report them

  • Last comment: 12/9/2014
  • Number of search: 628


i think it is a scam

  • Last comment: 1/7/2014
  • Number of search: 222


I got a call from this number this morning. They stated that they were from the windows it department and my computer reported to them that I had corrupted files that were destroying my computer. The got my number from the customer data base.

1. this computer is 3 years old and never registered.
2. I was in a completely different state with a different number.

The guy's story fell apart. It's a scam.

  • Last comment: 2/27/2014
  • Number of search: 589


Nuissance call. I went through the survey and finally spoke to someone. But the new tactic is that the person on the other end doesn't deviate from their script. If you ask them a question or try to interrupt them they will just repeat themselves. They won't let you ask to be taken off the calling list.

If you call back the number they give an option to be removed from the list. We will see if that works. If not, complain to the feds.

  • Last comment: 3/1/2014
  • Number of search: 3842


This call sounded like fraud. The automated message said something about increasing credit on you credit card and to press 9 to speak to a representative. When transferred to speak to someone there was a lot of noise in the background and the woman speaking a foreign language telling someone else as if they where tracking my number or something fraudulent in the sort. They never answered me back when saying hello and telling them they had the wrong number, they just continued to speak in a foreign language, they also never mentioned who they were trying to reach.

  • Last comment: 8/19/2017
  • Number of search: 342


There is a missed call scam where a number will ring twice, and when you call back on your cell they clone. Don't call back!

  • Last comment: 1/26/2014
  • Number of search: 515


Keeps calling me... I just keep blocking them.

  • Last comment: 2/26/2014
  • Number of search: 583


Meant to rate as UNSAFE not neutral

  • Last comment: 8/13/2013
  • Number of search: 1549


Called my cell phone with a power company switch scam. Pushed when I said no. Called back multiple times immediately when I hung up.

  • Last comment: 8/30/2016
  • Number of search: 540


I am in Calgary Alberta Canada, I recieved a text from this number, and then the same text from another number that is similar (5432) and it read "here is the easy casual hookup site i told you about at lunch armando, FASHOOKUPCANADA.C OM, way easier that nightclubs ;-) Still want a ride tomorrow?"

Same text, 2 different numbers.

  • Last comment: 12/19/2013
  • Number of search: 452


this number keeps calling me over & over, daily & never leaves a message. when i call back it says something recorded about a loan agent will be right w/you. annoying & no option to remove from call list.

  • Last comment: 1/12/2014
  • Number of search: 1228


This was a person with an Indian accent, said he was calling from Microsoft and asked me to type the Windows key + R and run event vwr on my computer. I looked this up and found it is a scam, after that (which I did not do) they ask to enter your computer to 'repair' it. He said he was called eric wood. I did not fall for it but he was very persuasive, so be careful, it seems that up to now it is a scam from US numbers. He knew my name (and phone number of course).

  • Last comment: 2/5/2014
  • Number of search: 560


keeps calling leaving no message do not call any more

  • Last comment: 6/29/2017
  • Number of search: 691


State Farm Claims Department. Someone hit our car a couple of weeks ago. They were calling to schedule a time to inspect our vehicle.

  • Last comment: 8/19/2015
  • Number of search: 2611


I recieved a call from this number. He said he is calling from airtel and my number has been selected and i have won 25 lakh Rs.

  • Last comment: 7/31/2013
  • Number of search: 353


telemarketing crap.

  • Last comment: 2/17/2014
  • Number of search: 827


I have received several calls from this number. When you call back it is for a company called LSU. The company does not exist. This is some scam. They told me I would have a warrant for my arrest if I did not pay a past due balance for some payday loan that I have never even had. This company said they would send the police to my home and work if I did not pay. When I rebutted that my lawyer would contact them they proceeded to tell me that I could not contact my lawyer. They were already processing my warrant and I could not use my lawyer. Then told me to pay them court fees and other misc. fees to stop the police from coming to arrest me because I am a criminal. I then very politely told the woman that I have never even had a speeding ticket let alone ever done anything to be criminally charged for. So please beware!!! Be smart. Ask questions and then have a lawyer contact the number that called you. These scams are on the FBI website and becoming very common. They will have information about you that is public information. They will probably have the last 4 of your social. Whatever you do just tell them your lawyer will contact them directly .

  • Last comment: 12/19/2013
  • Number of search: 1865


Contact Ressources

  • Last comment: 9/19/2013
  • Number of search: 1007



  • Last comment: 1/8/2014
  • Number of search: 344


reçu téléphone sur mon mobile de ce numéro le 16 février. Ne connais pas ce numéro et est un appel interurbain indésirable

  • Last comment: 2/16/2014
  • Number of search: 1785


Although this number did not call directly, I found the number attached to an email encouraging my wife to take out a low interest loan for $5,000. I found a few comments from other number lookup sites that say Mr. white is Indian, and was also associated with an alleged intimidation claiming money owed to him.

Indian (middle Eastern scams are common; was wondering if anyone else experienced this?

  • Last comment: 2/22/2014
  • Number of search: 326


PayPal SCAM!

  • Last comment: 10/1/2013
  • Number of search: 680


This is an escort service advertising sexual pleasures for men

  • Last comment: 10/18/2013
  • Number of search: 330


this afternoon i received a call coming from this number +60166741800

  • Last comment: 6/3/2015
  • Number of search: 337


I've been called on this number several times on 22 July 2014.... Silence then a hang up...

  • Last comment: 7/23/2014
  • Number of search: 3170


after pick up no sound then I just hang it up.

  • Last comment: 2/24/2014
  • Number of search: 1150


Robo calling about Mariott rewards scam

  • Last comment: 6/9/2016
  • Number of search: 255


Scam - trying to get ur details

  • Last comment: 11/13/2013
  • Number of search: 789


A man phoned me tonight at 8pm and told me he was representing Stirling university and could I answer some questions for his survey, every 30 seconds he speed and said im going to put you on hold, I felt there was something not right, he then asked My name, my address and how many people over sixteen were currently in my house, I told him I want confortable speaking to him, at which point he said unfortunately it's the other pain over sixteen I want to speak to, safe to say I told him where to stick it

  • Last comment: 11/5/2013
  • Number of search: 1411


OKC got a call male debt collector Bottom Dollar payday loan company.

  • Last comment: 1/21/2014
  • Number of search: 1446


collection agency...threatened to take me to court for a cashnet loan, wanted to settle out of court for $408...i set up a payment plan and paid them $102 today, kinda wishing i hadn't done it, my family thinks its a scam...i asked them to send me an email, which i haven't received family says let em take me to court!

  • Last comment: 1/14/2014
  • Number of search: 1168


The Heller Group

  • Last comment: 12/10/2013
  • Number of search: 414


Sirius XM !!

  • Last comment: 2/26/2014
  • Number of search: 935


They called me too from 601115780442 linkage cargo Malaysia and +447935552024, +442032867249 from UK caller Paul Willson, email whit the same history tht parcel confiscated in Malaysia it is a scam guys.

They are a gang tht operates in more countries an even invented a fake company called LINKAGECARGO.COM/NE.

  • Last comment: 7/31/2013
  • Number of search: 547


A lady called me from this number today and she said she was calling from Philippines although the number starts from 001 which belongs to USA. She said I had helped a charity in the recent past and they now wanted me contribute for disease affected children in the UK. When I told her that she was calling from USA and why was she worried about the children in the UK. She said she was calling from Philippines and not USA and then she immediately got rid of me saying thank you very much for attending her call.

They seem to be scammers. Do not be fooled.

  • Last comment: 5/17/2014
  • Number of search: 2114


the name of the person who is calling from this number

  • Last comment: 3/17/2014
  • Number of search: 288


Supposed group hired by attorney to contact me reguarding a lawsuit filed against me. Would not give me what attorney, or what the lawsuit involved. The number they called looking for me is only tied to me by my name mention in my would be brother in laws OBITUARY this past week. They called his parents. Without giving my ssn the callers refused to give me anymore info. And when I told them the only way they would have known to call that number was through their sons obituary the lady said I could deal with the judge and hung up. Real company or not they crossed the line.

  • Last comment: 4/9/2014
  • Number of search: 908


So, I have been messing with this number for several days now. It is really making the person who answers the phone upset. I was simply putting them on hold and dailing from the fax, but something inside me wanted to hear the rage from them. Now I call and say nothing. They have blocked a few lines for me to call from but I still have ways to get through. There seems to be only one person that answers. Latest comment was about "Karma." I believe I am the one that is enforcing the "Karma" and exacting revenge. I think I will keep this up.....for how long? Who knows?

  • Last comment: 2/11/2014
  • Number of search: 1192


Told me that had information that I had been missold a mortgage. Then asked me if I had a mortgage,lol.

  • Last comment: 8/1/2013
  • Number of search: 818


It seemed like it was some kind of telemarketer that only spoke spanish. So far, they have called me twice in the past year and it is starting to bug me a little

  • Last comment: 10/3/2014
  • Number of search: 9019


This was a filthy and disgusting call from a man at this number. I checked 'nuisance' but don't know if he's 'safe' or not.

  • Last comment: 3/25/2014
  • Number of search: 342


Sirium XM. Bought a new car in Jan 2014 and got a few freebie months. Now that the free period is up and I did not sign up for their services, the b@stards won't stop hounding me at home and on my cell phone. They call all hours of the day and night! One sure way to make certain that I NEVER PAY FOR THEIR SERVICES!

  • Last comment: 4/24/2014
  • Number of search: 2762


This same voice has been leaving a quick message ; Eat Sh8t , then hangs up fast.
This has been happening for a few weeks or so , I just never could understand what was said until today. Maybe they were tired and talking slower. But wow get a life. They dont even hide the number.

  • Last comment: 6/16/2014
  • Number of search: 1245


Craigslist scammer. After being told only certified check, he responds about not being able to send cash with shipper. Texts with "I will take care of everything, but you have to pay the shipper. I will send the extra money thru paypal." Obviously, this is computer generated or based.

  • Last comment: 5/1/2018
  • Number of search: 46
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