Phone number 201-283-9786, +12012839786

Other number formats: (201) 283-9786, 2012839786, +1 201 283 9786

Country: The United States of America or Canada

Area: New Jersey (NJ)

Rating: Nuisance, Number of comments: 6, Last comment: 1/6/2014
Number of search: 5623, Last searched: 8/29/2016

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User comments of the number 201-283-9786

date ip address comment
1/6/2014 59.167.*.*
Called 1/6/2014. Didn't answer. Has to be a telemarketer since I'm not located in the US and only 3 people know my number.
Call type: Telemarketing, Rating: Nuisance
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1/6/2014 66.67.*.*
Calls on 12/27/13 and again 1/6/14. Unfamiliar, didn't answer, # has to be telemarketer. I may answer next time just to see if they give me that same fake line about FBI. Got to be the most ridiculous scam line I've ever heard of.
Call type: Unknown, Rating: Nuisance
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1/6/2014 71.98.*.*
201-283-9786 rec'd call from this # on 01/06/2014 @2:15pm. Didn't answer but googled and it was coming from KEARNY, NJ. Don't know anybody from that area so assume it was a tele-marketer.
Call type: Unknown, Rating: Nuisance
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1/2/2014 172.12.*.*
Called 3pm cst 2 rings and. Missed.
Call type: Unknown, Rating: Neutral
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12/30/2013 70.209.*.*
Spamming me with phone calls. Tele-Marketing.
Call type: Telemarketing, Rating: Unsafe
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date ip address comment
12/27/2013 96.226.*.*
They have called my wife's cell number 4 times in the last week. English is her second language. THe last time she said the message was, "If you want the FBI to protect your home for free. PmWqKQpush 1, otherwise push 9 for no more calls." She did not have her glasses on and could not find the 9.
She cannot have her cell phone on at work so they just keep calling. I am going to switch phones to notify we do not want their call. I did not know the FBI would protect our home for free.
Call type: SMS, Rating: Unsafe
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