Phone number 866-996-5997, +18669965997

Other number formats: (866) 996-5997, 8669965997, +1 866 996 5997

Country: The United States of America or Canada

Rating: Nuisance, Number of comments: 5, Last comment: 7/14/2015
Number of search: 1122, Last searched: 9/3/2015

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User comments of the number 866-996-5997

date ip address comment
7/14/2015 68.186.*.*
Broken English speaking calling to offer me the number to call that will confirm my winning PCH 2.5 million dollars with choice of 2016 GMC DENALI or 2016 BMW Scammers
Call type: Unknown, Rating: Nuisance
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1/13/2014 24.73.*.*
Don't talk to these people. Pretty scary and almost convincing. Call themselves the "UNclaimed Department" when they called me. Said don't you remember making the payment? are due the unclaimed amount of $250,000.
Call type: Unknown, Rating: Unsafe
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12/30/2013 74.128.*.*
12/30/213 Received call from this number giving me a "6 package core" number to claim a UPS package delivery.
Call type: Unknown, Rating: Nuisance
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10/26/2013 174.28.*.*
This phone number is given to promote the idea that you have a prize on hold for you. This is coming from a mega million winnings. These people try to get you to get a green dot money card for an unspecified amount. Once you give them the receipt number and amount on card, they call and withdraw all funds leaving Zero. The back of the card does tell you not to share the receipt and card number with anyone. These people can be very convincing. If you are going to get a card as described above, call the 1 800 number listed on back, enter you card number, reply for a refund of the money you just put on it then give the receipt number and card number to these scammers. They will tell you that it came back as not a good number or no money. That is correct, because you have your money back already. It is definitely a scam. If you can keep them on the line and have access to someone who can ping their number, you may be able to get a physical address. This address will most likely be in Jamaica. If you know a good hit man and not the laws for Jamaica or the laws to protect yourself, save money to put them out of commission. Stop the scammers.
Call type: Unknown, Rating: Neutral
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10/13/2013 75.161.*.*
This number is used by fake Publisher's Clearinghouse scammers. They tell you you won a big prize, but must pay them $500 to "confirm" your prize, etc. Don't waste your money. It's a scam.
Call type: Unknown, Rating: Unsafe
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