Phone number 866-475-1396, +18664751396

Other number formats: (866) 475-1396, 8664751396, +1 866 475 1396

Country: The United States of America or Canada

Rating: Neutral, Number of comments: 3, Last comment: 7/16/2014
Number of search: 1657, Last searched: 8/24/2016

If you received a strange call or unwanted SMS message from the phone number 866-475-1396, or just came across this number and you do not recognize it and want know who called you, you are not probably the only one. On this page, you can see the comments of the phone number 866-475-1396 from other people. If the phone number is often searched, so you can possibly find out who owns the number 866-475-1396 and other information about phone numbers.

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User comments of the number 866-475-1396

date ip address comment
7/16/2014 98.208.*.*
I have had calls from them after using a hospital in Florida. It is a 3rd party medical billing company. Got invoiced for services in early April in mid June. My Health Care provider had paid most of it so it took a while for the final bill. I called them back, invoice had the # on it. Looked like they have offices in MN and GA, but they sounded like it was a call center in India. I paid them so sooner or later they'll go away meanwhile I just send the call to voice mail ...and it disconnects.
Call type: Unknown, Rating: Neutral
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11/18/2013 128.227.*.*
I don't understand... They call me almost every day and I have no idea who it is or why they are calling.
Call type: Unknown, Rating: Nuisance
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11/12/2013 67.78.*.*
If you are going to call me at least have the courtesy to tell me who you are and what you want. Your daily calls with silent response are disruptive. Thank you 352-601-3368
Call type: Unknown, Rating: Neutral
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