Phone number 855-878-1734, +18558781734

Other number formats: (855) 878-1734, 8558781734, +1 855 878 1734

Country: The United States of America or Canada

Rating: Nuisance, Number of comments: 3, Last comment: 2/14/2014
Number of search: 1203, Last searched: 8/25/2016

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User comments of the number 855-878-1734

date ip address comment
2/14/2014 99.100.*.*
This company called out of nowhere claiming I wrote a fraudulent check to LoanMart back in 2004. They said that the statue of limitations is 10 years for California. I filed bankruptcy in 2013, and said there was nothing from you on my credit report then. After contacting my lawyer, he stated that the SOL is 4 years. This company bought the debt for a dollar and is trying the scare tactic of serving me court papers within the hour is a complete lie. Please this company has never sent me a bill or any correspondence letters of any kind. Brian Dunn and now a woman Lela are claiming I will go to jail! Please don't fall for their scam! There full of lies... they have no right to collect on a debt. Report them to the Federal Trade Commission as soon as possible. Record all their calls of harassment. Thank you.
Call type: Debt collection company, Rating: Unsafe
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2/13/2014 168.254.*.*
I got a call from this company asking personal information concerning my ss number. They question me and I gave no information to them, told them I contacting Police Department.
Call type: Unknown, Rating: Neutral
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2/12/2014 50.179.*.*
This number is from cr legal services at least that's what they I'd themselves as...they are threatening...and run a pretty good scam ....they want credit card or debit card info to settle debts under threat of criminal prosecution they have no way of legally enforcing in this example a payday loan....don't tell them anything and don't give them any info...hang up and block them.
Call type: Debt collection company, Rating: Neutral
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