Phone number 855-302-8649, +18553028649

Other number formats: (855) 302-8649, 8553028649, +1 855 302 8649

Country: The United States of America or Canada

Rating: Nuisance, Number of comments: 2, Last comment: 9/30/2013
Number of search: 1366, Last searched: 8/25/2016

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User comments of the number 855-302-8649

date ip address comment
9/30/2013 173.65.*.*
called left message claiming to represent porter county (IN) court. called back, was not he county court, they claimed a bill in my name, when i stated that it was with A. a company i never do business with, and B. I did not live in Indiana since before that time, he would come up with more excuses, and would talk over me so i couldnt respond. then finally stated I must make an appearance immediately to resolve issue, yeah, unemployed and i live about 6 states away, so how would I make said appearance? then hung up. they call everyday now.
Call type: Debt collection company, Rating: Nuisance
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8/31/2013 108.40.*.*
Collection agency who is calling the wrong number but refuses to stop calling. Its okay I set their number to auto-forward to their other 800 number. Maybe they'll get the hint.
Call type: Debt collection company, Rating: Neutral
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