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This is a locator for a bill collector calling. The woman identified herself as "Miss Good" and state she is from "County Court" or "County Processing Claims"... so when I asked which county, the woman refused to say.

I've dealt with these guys before.

1. They call with a number that comes up as "unknown".
2. They are usually from out of state trying to collect a debt. and threaten to file legal action for a bad check, which is illegal to threaten.
3. Under Maryland law, a deb collector is required to be registered in the State prior to contacting you and performing the collection action. Since they're not registered in the State of Maryland, their operations are again, illegal.
4. These guys refuse to send any paper letter/bill stating they own the debt .. but threaten to file in county court instead ... it's all done over the phone. So it's hard to tell if you're paying the creditor or some schmuck who's representing himself as such.
5. These guys called my work phone and my boss stating the same - that they were going to serve court papers and provided the same number. Again, illegal in most jurisdictions.

Dealing with these guys, and after some research, the last address I got was in Arizona somewhere, though I was still unsure where.

While the debt may be owed, it's difficult to determine if the debt your paying is to a valid source.

Can they file in court against you? We all know the answer to that ... I suppose it's the question if you're willing to fight the cause in front of a judge with the above challenges. Can you file against them for harassment, as well as operating a collection business that is not registered in your state? Yeah.

The other question is what happens if you've been subjected to identity theft?
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