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If you received a strange call or unwanted SMS message from the phone number 866-249-8585, or just came across this number and you do not recognize it and want know who called you, you are not probably the only one. On this page, you can see the comments of the phone number 866-249-8585 from other people. If the phone number is often searched, so you can possibly find out who owns the number 866-249-8585 and other information about phone numbers.

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User comments of the number 866-249-8585

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This number has been calling my home phone for the past month. I never pickup unknown numbers and my voice mail is mechanical. They leave a message to say that they have a file with them and that I should call back. I never will unless I use a pay phone, which I have not done yet. It is spam or hackers trying to get info to steal. Stop calling. They are also associated with the number 716-478-0816 out of Lockport, NY.
Unknown Nuisance
Know one is on the phone when you answer it. Just hear good bye after three seconds. I called the number back and they ask for account number, then for a code. They ask you to push star button once you do that the phone then hung up on you.
Unknown Negative
Receiving calls from this number everyday, sometimes more than once. Asks if I'm the owner of the Windows Computer in the home. Told them I want OFF their calling list, that I'm on the National Do Not Call Registry and will report them if it doesn't stop - to my amazement the caller claimed "we don't make outgoing calls". I said YOU just called me - they hung up.
Unknown Negative
This guy from India just called me... in fact he has called me 23 times today alone. He said he was Microsoft and I told him I have a MAC and to stop calling... then he started yelling at me. Clearly SPAM!!!!!!
Unknown Nuisance
Broken English, stating their server, a Microsoft Windows Server, said my computer was not able to download the latest update and that they wanted me to give them access to fix the computer. When asked to give me their location, he gave me some town, but gave me Philadelphia when I asked for the state. He then hung up. Any ideas on how to report this scam?
Unknown Negative
Called and claimed to be from Windows services (voice had a distinct middle-eastern accent) and he said I was on a list of customers with several viruses. I asked to be sure they had the right number and they said yes, I am definitely infected and for $200 they could remote into my PC and remove the viruses.
He couldn't tell me my IP Address to confirm it's actually my computer and was very condescending, telling me I must stop talking and listen.
First of all, I'm a computer engineer and if he really were from Windows he could tell me my IP Address
Secondly I only use a MAC, not a Windows PC.I told him the only computers ever used at my IP Address have been MACs, so he's obviously lying about working for Microsoft. He hung up.
The company is really named IYogi and they scam people every day
Telemarketing Neutral
Calls several times of the day says goodbye and hangs up
Unknown Nuisance
Calls all times of day. Called me 5 times in one day. Said they are from Microsoft and have "my computer." I asked them to remove me from their list and I have no interest in their product and the called told me to "go to hell" then hung up.
Unknown Negative
Calls all time of the day and night -- says "goodbye"
Unknown Negative
Broken English Indicating that he was from Microsoft and that I needed to fix my computer. I questioned why was Microsoft calling me? He had no response. This is a scam!
Unknown Negative
I just had the same call as mentioned, stated my computer was downloading viruses and that he wanted to help me fix the problem. HIS problem was the broken, mangled English he spoke. Dead give-away that he was a scam. I told him that my computer had no errors and he didn't say a word; I just hung up.
Unknown Negative
Scam phone caller states he is with Microsoft and they have received a message that the computer is downloading a virus. They want you to go to your computer and follow their instruction so he can gain control and fix the problems. asking you to turn on your computer. First time he said he is calling from Canada, next time he said Utah most likely India or someplace like that
Unknown Negative