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If you received a strange call or unwanted SMS message from the phone number 877-423-5836, or just came across this number and you do not recognize it and want know who called you, you are not probably the only one. On this page, you can see the comments of the phone number 877-423-5836 from other people. If the phone number is often searched, so you can possibly find out who owns the number 877-423-5836 and other information about phone numbers.

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So, I have been messing with this number for several days now. It is really making the person who answers the phone upset. I was simply putting them on hold and dailing from the fax, but something inside me wanted to hear the rage from them. Now I call and say nothing. They have blocked a few lines for me to call from but I still have ways to get through. There seems to be only one person that answers. Latest comment was about "Karma." I believe I am the one that is enforcing the "Karma" and exacting revenge. I think I will keep this up.....for how long? Who knows?
Debt collection company Nuisance
This number 877-423-5836 keeps calling my family from a payday loan. My attorney says its a scam and to ignore it. He said it is all covered under bankruptcy and they are just trying to see if you'll give in and give up some cash. Kind of funny that we have received many calls from different places all with different dollar amounts, but all of them threaten with being served with papers and going to court. My attorney says that they will send or fax them a letter to stop, but none of them will give you an address (excuse used to mail them a money order), or a fax number. They only want immediate restitution with debit card, or Money Gram.

My question is how many years do we have to put up with these calls? My attorney says to ignore them but its a hassle for my family, not just me. I made my mistakes and I am fixing them, but this is just uncalled for. I am glad I started to search for their address online and I discovered all the people with my similar problem.

My lady today was Joyce at ext 102...wont give last name (Affinity Processing Solutions)
I have had Amber Parker, David Johnson from the Legal Processing Litigation Services
and countless others over the last year.
Debt collection company Nuisance
Green Daily and Associates
Debt collection company Neutral