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This is a scam, they are not legitimate debt collectors. They purchase lists from companies when people try to get a loan online. They call people accusing them that they have an unpaid online loan and they need to pay to avoid either a lawsuit, going jail. Sometimes they have even threatened people stating that they would have the police at their door within hours to take them to jail

Because people often may have an unpaid loan, they scare just enough people into paying. Unfortunately many people have paid a lot of money only to find that even if they had an unpaid loan or debt, the payment didn't go towards it and the company is no where to be found on their credit report.

They are not legitimate and are a scam. They give you a very American sounding name and they always have a very thick Indian or middle eastern accent.

Unfortunately if you have ever filled out an application online to get a loan (or someone with similar information), (even if you ended up not getting one) they have all your info and they will follow up with threats and call your employment.

Your information is going to be sold over an over (legally) to many Indian companies overseas. They use a lot of VOIP phone numbers and are relentless.

If they call and threaten, take down their number let them know you are recording them and file a complaint with your states Attorney General.

Threatening you with jail is illegal. Tell them they cannot call you and can only communicate through mail. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR ADDRESS. Tell them if they were legitimate, they would have your address.

Tell them they are being recorded and if they call you again you will file a complaint.

These people are not a legitimate debt collectors.
Unknown Negative
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Debt collection company Nuisance