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I also received a message from a guy named Justin Johnson on Saturday Nov. 30 stating I must return call immediately concerning a "time sensitive" issue. Since I was out of town ,I returned the call this morning and a women answered also with a heavy Indian accent. I had a very difficult time understanding her, but she stated she with the investigation department of the IRS. Supposedly, the IRS found that I had underreported my income on my return and I was being investigated for defrauding the them. She asked for the number of the attorney representing me regarding this matter. I told her I wasn't aware of any problem with my return nor was I notified by the IRS. I asked what was the amount I supposedly underreported. She told me that the Sheriff with a warrant would be coming to my home tomorrow to arrest me and he will provide me with the papers I am requesting. I told her that I had a tax consultant that prepared my return and I would call him. She said he wouldn't be able to help me. Than she told me that I only had 2 oppositions....1-wait for the Sheriff to come with a warrant to arrest me tomorrow or 2-pay today $6,820. I told her I didn't have the money and than she said that I would just have to wait for Sheriff to come tomorrow. She than hung up on me. I called my tax consultant who prepares my returns and he immediately told me that it sounded like a scam and to call the IRS and see if they had sent and letters to me regarding this matter. I called the IRS and was told that there wasn't any issues with my 2012 return and that someone was trying to scam me. She also gave me a IRS number to call and report this, because a lot of other taxpayers have called claiming they received the same calls threating arrest if they didn't pay a certain sum. The IRS office also said they never send out a Sheriff to arrest you. They have their own people. I also called my local police department and they confirmed that they never issue warrants and arrest people on behalf of the IRS. They recommended that I file a report with their department, which I will be doing. Ran out of time since spent the entire morning with this issue and had to take time off of work.
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I just received a call from some guy named Justin Johnson with heavy Indian accent telling me that I have an outstanding balance from IRS. His accent was so heavy that I couldn't understand what he was saying. so I asked him to put supervisor on the phone and a guy named Mark Allen came on the line with the same Indian accent. by then i knew this was a fraud. Just when I tried to give them piece of my mind he hung up...lol
Right after, I called local police department report this and an officer told me the same...The phone number is a fraud so becareful!!! never give out any of your personal informations over the phone!!!!
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