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A guy from “Speedy Computer” called yesterday and went into a spiel about problems in Windows computers. This is the scam that has been making the rounds for a long time now: heavy Indian accent, wants access to your computer, hopes you'll cough up all your credit card numbers and maybe bank account numbers, Social Security Number, home address, perhaps send him a spare key to your house, etc.

I said, “So you’re saying that my specific Windows computer has thus problem.” He said no, ALL windows computers have it. I said, “And you’re calling to help me fix my Windows computer?” He said yes. I told him that was very kind of him, but I don’t have any Windows computers. I suppose this might be when it dawned on him that I was deliberately wasting his time, because he hung up — right after saying “Then f*** off.”

That’s the second time I’ve gotten a call like that. They’ve called my mom twice, but though she’s elderly, she certainly is not an idiot. This scam must work well enough to keep going; I guess the percentage of bites they get is work the proportion of people who hang up or waste their time.

My understanding is that they try to access your computer. After that, I don't want to know what happens.
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