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User comments of the number 08445715190

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I have just had the same message today 18 Nov 2013
SMS Nuisance
Text was sent (in my case) from 07456869525 (reported yo my mobile network) with same message (and reference 330998 - I mention the reference because it was shown on another web site too. I will be reporting the spam text to the service provider for the 0844 number... Although it was received today (10/Nov) it was dated 05/Nov
SMS Nuisance
this number was received by sms (text message) from +4474636970 with the message "ATTENTION! We have tried to contect you, It is important we speak to you today. Please call 08445715190 quoting your reference [6-digit number removed]. Thank You."
With the poor grammar and no mention of the sender OR receiver, I assume this to be fraudulent
SMS Negative