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396 - DFF
Dave Foulds Fag
Unknown Negative
Someone anonymously posted on Instagram earlier today, dated July 4,2021

Sunshine board of directors is trying to kick out a former member of the board and his family for misconduct by the end of July.In meantime the board is doing misconduct themselves by covering the fraudulent insurance claim they submitted back in April and getting a current board member into that place.
Scam call Negative
Answer your phone faggot
Safe number Neutral
Frank Torns is a sexual predator,people in the coop know what he did to Susan
Non-profit organization Useful
Sunshine coop members are asleep, they have no idea that Dave Foulds is covering insurance fraud with coop money
Company Negative
The Sunshine board of directors is currently under investigation for insurance fraud and deframation
Both cases are pending

Gill & Wilson legal
Unknown Negative
Warning to people living @ Sunshine Co-op

An Allstate insurance broker posted this content on Facebook earlier today, dated April 23,2021

Allstate insurance is investigating a fraudulent home insurance claim submitted by Sunshine co-op board on March 26,2021
Westland insurance,City of Surrey,First onside,Broadway Moving & CHMC were notified
- insurance does not cover rebuilding or fixing units that will be demolished in less than 30 months
Current occupancy agreement expires at the end of September 2023
- unit # 22 lorraine Duboic no valid insurance provided
The Fraudulent Home insurance claim is punishable up to $100.000 or 5 years in prison.
Scam call Negative
(604) 584-2771 Dave Foulds gay senior services @ Sunshine
Non-profit organization Useful
answer your phone

Unknown Neutral